From Nature for Nature

Wood-based material that is natural, renewable, and uses locally sourced raw materials.

Our "secrets" ingredients

We spent three year looking for the right ingredients to make completely natural and renewable material that can easily processed and that allow us to make ecofriendly alternative to plastic products.

  • Wood Flour
  • PHA
  • Minerals

Wood Flour

Giving wood second life

The primary ingredient in our material is wood flour, industrial waste from wood processing. We know alternative flours are becoming popular, but don't use this for baking! We source it locally, and any possible impurities are removed.


Not plastic just nature

As a binder, we use PHAs, fully biodegradable polymers produced via fermentation by bacteria. Thus, PHAs are not “plastic” but natural materials found in nature, such as cellulose or starch. Consequently, they are biodegradable and will decompose in a variety of environments including compost, soil, and freshwater and marine environments, without leaving behind any toxic substances or microplastics.


Renewable additives

To ease the manufacturing process and enhance the mechanical properties of our products, we add a mixture of different minerals – all of which are renewable – to our materials. That means that the replenishment rate of these minerals exceeds the consumption rate. By the way, minerals also make great fertilizers.

The material of the future

We blend all the ingredients together in our unique patented technology to create a natural material that is fully biodegradable in home compost, soil or marine water.