At Refork, we take sustainability seriously, and as such, we carefully pick whom we partner with on every business venture. When a company aligns with our goals and values, it becomes easy to reach a beneficial deal to both parties, as with DPD. DPD is the largest private parcel carrier in the Czech Republic, part of the DPDgroup. Their values towards sustainability follow ours. DPD is the only company, among carriers, that tries to compensate for its carbon footprint.

DPD compensate for its carbon footprint by building wind farms in India or converting landfill gas to electricity in Brazil and Refork’s home, Prague. Their activities represent our values in sustainability as they lead a sustainable business by presenting corporate initiatives fulfilling the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). DPDgroup wants to become an international leader in the sustainable delivery and e-commerce sectors.

The pandemic has not slowed down DPD’s progress, quite the opposite, as they have accelerated their progress big time because those were expected initially in 2024. They have raised awareness of their customer trends, increasing the demand for urban logistics, second-hand goods and sustainable delivery by having built a bicycle terminal in the heart of Prague. The DPDgroup, like Refork, are environmentally conscious, push product recyclability, and are trying to help our planet.

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