At Refork, we want to echo a date as important as Earth Day because we believe that there is much that we can do and that it is within our reach.

As Gaylord Nelson said: “We will be in a struggle to balance how to forge that sustainable society with a finite set of resources. That’s a journey, not a destination.”  
We are proud to be part of that journey and consistently innovate to keep Earth safe no matter the cost. 

 Earth Day marks each year the commemoration of the anniversary of the birth, in 1970, of the environmental movement as we know it today. Earth Day (April 22) was first celebrated on April 22, 1970, when US Senator Gaylord Nelson encouraged students to develop environmental awareness projects in their communities. 
Gaylord Nelson, Senator from Wisconsin, was the one who proposed the first major environmental protest in the United States to mobilize politicians and force them to put environmental issues on the national agenda. 

The act was a success, and in fact, it became the largest demonstration in history. People from all walks of life participated in the marches, meetings, rallies and speeches across the country. The congress was even postponed so that politicians could attend events in their hometowns, and cars could not drive all day on Fifth Avenue in New York to reduce pollution for several hours. 

Let’s celebrate this April 22, Earth Day 2022. We have many ways to do it, infinite ways to cooperate. Let’s not forget how important it is to use renewable energy and clean energy instead of fossil or polluting energy. 

Author: Josh Barrera

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