Our brand-new state-of-the-art factory is fully operational. 

We have decided to change the site of our factory from Hostivar to… well, Hostivar! But to a much bigger place. To give you a broader picture of our new factory, we have increased in size as the new factory is three times bigger(1800m2) than the previous one(600m2). In addition, we made around a million pieces per month in our last factory. Now, we have a capacity of 20 million pieces per month. That is quite a ramp-up. The reasoning behind this change was simple: We need to meet the demand.  

Video by TMRW agency

We are Refork. Our patented green-tech machine is unique and cleanses wood waste. Then, it proceeds to make wood pellets with a polymer through a blending process. Shortly after that, we fill our mold with our material and build sustainable, durable, and eco-friendly products. That was a long and a bit too geeky of an explanation, right? We hope it helps you understand how much we value our new factory as it’s making our life easier at Refork. And our planet is cleaner as a community.  

Thanks to our new factory, our material will continue to make our products smoother as our R&D keeps up with the growth of our product portfolio. We have gone from having two Injection Moulding Machines (IMM) to five of them. Even more remarkable is that now we have eleven specialists working with those IMM to manufacture and ramp up our product development. In the past, we were shorthanded with five specialists.   

As you can see, we have done our homework, employed competent staff, made our R&D center invaluable, checked the market necessities, and increased our product line beyond our iconic fork. As a result, we have grown to the point where we feel comfortable saying: ‘The fork was the beginning….‘ 

Written by Josh Barrera

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