Café Louvre Bets On Sustainability With Refork 

The historic Café Louvre in Prague has teamed up with Refork, an innovative Czech company that produces biodegradable products. Why did the Louvre embark on a journey towards sustainability? And how does café owner Sylvio Spohr see this collaboration? 

Refork’s Response To The Single-Use Plastics Directive Bypassing

Refork's Response To The Single-Use Plastics Directive Bypassing

As you may be aware, Refork has been dedicated to providing sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics since its beginning. However, we must address a challenge that has impacted our profitability, one that we did not foresee but are committed to overcoming.

Join Refork Team at Ambiente Messe Frankfurt 2024

Refork is coming to the Ambiente show

Refork is pleased to announce its participation at Ambiente Messe Frankfurt, which will occur from January 26 to 30, 2024, in Frankfurt am Main! We are thrilled to participate in such an innovative event and look forward to sharing our products with the world.  Ambiente is renowned for its dynamic mix of products and design, […]

The Truth About Paper Straws: Are They Better Than Plastic?

The title picture for article uncovering the hidden dangers of paper straws

We’ve all heard that paper straws and other alternatives are better for us than plastic. But is it all as rosy as it seems? Today, we unveil the hidden aspects of this issue and bring to light some surprising alternatives to plastic straws.

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