The Truth About Paper Straws: Are They Better Than Plastic?

The title picture for article uncovering the hidden dangers of paper straws

We’ve all heard that paper straws and other alternatives are better for us than plastic. But is it all as rosy as it seems? Today, we unveil the hidden aspects of this issue and bring to light some surprising alternatives to plastic straws.

Unveiling the Truth about Sustainable Living: Debunking Zero Waste Myths

Debunking the myth about zero waste by Refork

Have you ever explored the world of zero-waste living? This lifestyle is all about sustainability, aiming to reduce waste and its environmental impact. But before we dive in, let’s debunk some myths surrounding this movement, making it more practical and accessible to all.

Refork’s team is going to Host Milano 2023!

Refork is excited to announce our participation at Host Milano 2023, the world’s leading exhibition dedicated to the food service and hospitality sector. Host Milano is a global event that brings together industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts from the HORECA and foodservice industry from around the world. 

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