Imagine a world without any single trace of plastics or microplastics. A world where every product can be biodegraded. An entire world filled with clean air and a beautiful ambience: no air pollution, no global warming, just a peaceful planet. After spending two years searching for the right ingredients to create completely natural and renewable material that could be swiftly processed, Refork eventually came up with a sustainable and biodegradable product. Headquartered in the Czech Republic with an office and manufacturing site in Prague, Refork combines waste and natural resources with recent technology to produce new inventive materials and products to substitute single-use plastic in day-to-day situations.

Refork is a manufacturing company that uses wood flour as its primary material to produce sustainable and renewable products. Josef Homola founded the company in 2019 after he discovered to bind wood flour to natural substances. Together with his team, Josef created products that fully biodegrade in home compost, soil, and the aquatic environment without leaving any harmful chemicals behind. In producing cutlery, Refork uses injection moulding, whereas the company uses extrusion moulding in the production of straws and other tubes. Every month, the factory produces a capacity of 10 million pieces.

Globally, consumers are looking for functional alternatives to plastic. They believe adopting better practices can establish long-term value for their businesses, shareholders, and the environment. To meet its consumers’ needs, Refork has embraced customisation by optimising its products to conform to the current market requirements as the research team remains updated. In case of higher hygienic standards, the company provides custom packaging whereby cutlery is packed based on the customer’s specific needs. Refork is also open to new collaborations as it looks forward to partnering with different corporations outside Europe. Refork is thus seen to be better since it complies with the Single-Use-Plastic Directive.

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