Oficiální vyjádření společnosti Refork k aktuální situaci na českém kryptoměnovém trhu

Mnoho z Vás jistě zachytilo informace o aktuálních kauzách souvisejících s kryptoměnovými burzami či blockchainovými fondy. Cítíme povinnost se vyjádřit k nastalé situaci na kryptoměnovém trhu a předejít tak případným nedorozuměním. Společnost Refork ani její fungování není nijak ovlivněno aktuálním děním. V porovnání s jinými společnostmi financovanými pomoci kryptoměn, se obchodní model Reforku výrazně liší. Hlavní činností […]

How is inflation affecting the environment as connected to Refork Company?

The prices for goods and services will likely change anytime in a marketplace economy. Some prices may increase while others may decrease. Hence, the term inflation refers to a significant rise in the costs of goods and services. With time, it is determined that inflation minimises the value of a currency. When inflation escalates, consumer […]

We Are Refork

Imagine a world without any single trace of plastics or microplastics. A world where every product can be biodegraded. An entire world filled with clean air and a beautiful ambience: no air pollution, no global warming, just a peaceful planet. After spending two years searching for the right ingredients to create completely natural and renewable […]

Single-Use Plastic Directive

Considering that we are in the middle of a plastics crisis, action must be taken to curb the destruction caused by our handling of this resource.According to research, more damage is to the environment, hence introducing the Single-Use Plastics (SUP) Directive. The SUP Directive is a wide-reaching rule that seeks to minimise marine plastic pollution. Adopted […]

Inside our new factory

Our brand-new state-of-the-art factory is fully operational.  We have decided to change the site of our factory from Hostivar to… well, Hostivar! But to a much bigger place. To give you a broader picture of our new factory, we have increased in size as the new factory is three times bigger(1800m2) than the previous one(600m2). […]

Refork goes to Spain!

Last month, Refork was in one of Spain’s most exclusive, authentic, and multicultural corners. We were in Ibiza for the 1st edition of the Ibiza & Formentera HORECA Fair. We met many outstanding people with whom we had some very interesting —one could even say intriguing discussions. It was a refreshing experience, where we learned […]

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