Last month, Refork was in one of Spain’s most exclusive, authentic, and multicultural corners. We were in Ibiza for the 1st edition of the Ibiza & Formentera HORECA Fair. We met many outstanding people with whom we had some very interesting —one could even say intriguing discussions. It was a refreshing experience, where we learned a lot about the Eivissan culture, businesses and NGOs. 

For instance, our distributor Ecovissa opened many doors on the island. Ecovissa’s approach to sustainability is genuinely exceptional and well-executed. Moreover, Ecovissa has been operating on the island for 20 years. Thanks to Karin Isken’s determination to eliminate the use of plastic from the island, Ecovissa has striven for so long —and we wish for many more years to come. We are proud of working together, side by side inside the trenches of war that fighting plastic pollution has become.   

We had the opportunity to meet La Alternativa Eco and its fantastic owners, Diego and Mirko. They own this shop near Ibiza’s port that is all about protecting the sea. Furthermore, they enlighten people living on the island on ways to protect the sea, the beaches, and the beauty unknown to many people on the island through their NGO One Planet One Life. Moreover, they promote local products, and the best initiative in Baleares, Cleanwave, as its purpose is to eliminate plastic bottles by adding water filling stations everywhere on the four islands. 

All in all, Refork has arrived in Spain to stay. Baleares is just the beginning of our journey. Our fork will keep being on tour through the Spanish peninsula, so stay tuned for more. 

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