As time has passed, we have grown. Our patent-pending technology is not pending anymore, and our workshop evolved into a state-of-the-art factory. We honed our material, thus enhancing our product and manufacturing line. As a result, the fork evolved into a cutlery set. Our iconic fork got a knife and a spoon to tag along. 

The fork was the beginning. It was what created our brand and put us in the spotlight, though, as time goes by and we encounter dividing paths ahead, we believe some reforking is needed. We don’t want to be known only for our fork. We want to be known for our constant pursuit of new ideas to achieve sustainability and decrease single-use plastic usage. 

We hire renowned scientists to improve our ingredients, and we employ technical experts to work side by side with our scientists. There is a lot of work behind our products. We have successfully managed to create and test new material solutions. Our ideas kept materialising by adding goods to our line of products. Our cutlery keeps getting smoother as our research grow. Every step has been challenging without cutting corners as we want our products to become the best ones in the market.  

New opportunities on our side of the fork 

As we continue to find different uses for our materials, we have been encountering more doors open to us. For example, we are entering the dental market with a toothbrush. It is a project that will change how we see an everyday must-have into an item as biodegradable as our entire line of products. It is an exciting and challenging step forward, as sustainability will be the norm for years to come.  

We aim to replace single-use plastic products and to give an ecological alternative to other products too. We set that goal, not because of the EU directive but because we feel motivated to follow the sustainability trend. If you don’t like the way the table is set, turn over the table.  

We remain humbled as we know that it is nearly impossible to replace plastic in our lifetime. However, if we can imagine a world where the products made from plastic are made entirely from waste, you can too. 

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