The historic Café Louvre in Prague has teamed up with Refork, an innovative Czech company that produces biodegradable products. Why did the Louvre embark on a journey towards sustainability? And how does café owner Sylvio Spohr see this collaboration? 

In the center of Prague, on Národní třída, is the Louvre café – a historic institution with a rich tradition dating back to 1902. It is a place where artists, intellectuals, and coffee lovers have gathered for generations to enjoy a delicious cup while immersing themselves in an atmosphere full of history and culture. 

Today, the Louvre opens another chapter linked to innovation and environmental responsibility. The café has partnered with Refork, a Czech company that produces biodegradable products for the gastronomy industry. Tradition and innovation come together in perfect harmony at the Louvre. 

“Sustainability is an important value for us,” says Sylvio Spohr, owner of Café Louvre. “Working with Refork is a logical step for us to become more environmentally responsible while maintaining the high standard of products our customers have come to expect.” 

The collaboration between the Louvre and Refork is an inspiring example of how tradition and innovation can work together to create a sustainable future. It shows that historical institutions can also play an active role in protecting the environment while preserving their unique character. 

History of the café

– The café first opened in 1902 and was named after the Louvre Palace and Museum in Paris. 

– The café also included gaming rooms, a billiard room, club rooms, a Moravian wine bar, and a Tokaj cellar. 

– It achieved its main popularity in interwar Czechoslovakia when it was frequented by famous artists and intellectuals such as Franz Kafka, Albert Einstein, Karel Čapek, and others. 

Interview with Sylvio Spohr

What do you think are the biggest challenges in sustainability in gastronomy? 

I see several significant sustainability challenges in gastronomy. One of them is food waste, which is a big problem worldwide. Another challenge is the use of single-use plastics, which pollute the environment. Finally, it is important to think about the use of energy resources in the daily operations of gastronomic facilities. 

Why did the Louvre café decide to collaborate with Refork? 

We were looking for a local partner to help us achieve our goal of operating more sustainably. Refork attracted us with its innovative approach to producing biodegradable products. These products are fully compostable and do not release microplastics into the environment. 

What is the customer reaction to biodegradable cutlery? 

We’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers. Many of them appreciate that we are trying to do something to protect the environment and praise us for offering eco-friendly alternatives. 

How do you feel about combining the Louvre café tradition with Refork’s innovative products? 

I see it as a perfect combination. Preserving Café Louvre’s tradition is of significant importance to us. However, we also want to look to the future and find new solutions within the framework of sustainability. 

The Louvre-Refork partnership emphasizes the harmony between historical heritage and ecological solutions for the future. We hope this collaboration will inspire other Czech businesses to join the path to sustainability and show them that a responsible approach to the environment and excellent gastronomy are not mutually exclusive. 

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